Improving Quality of Life with Passion and Technology

Audiology is an exhilarating and expanding field, involving the study of hearing, balance and associated disorders. Being a healthcare science profession, audiology is dedicated to help individuals and their families alleviate, if not overcome the impact of hearing or balance problems.

Audiologists work with people of all ages, from newborn and children to adults and the elderly to improve their quality of life. In a clinical setting, audiologists use specialised tests to assess hearing and balance problems as well as recommending appropriate management. Rehabilitation usually involves technology such as fitting hearing aids, middle ear implants, cochlear implants and assistive listening devices. Audiologists also work closely with multidisciplinary professionals and provide continuity in care for patients and their families. Graduates in audiology are open to a wide range of career options. The prospects include hospitals, private practice, hearing aid or implant manufacturing companies, industrial or occupational audiology, special needs schools, research and education