Adult Hearing Screener Training and Certification Course

The National University of Singapore M.Sc. Audiology programme is now offering an Adult Hearing Screener Training and Certification Course. The NUS group conducted an extensive review of the literature regarding best-practices for adult hearing screening and combined existing technologies in test equipment to address the confounding issue of difficult to control ambient noise levels.

NUS has also developed and evaluated an adult hearing screening protocol intended to be used as a national guideline specifically for adult screening in the Singapore health system. The 2-day course includes training modules on:

- Communication Skills, Counselling and Participant
- Instruction Delivery and interpretation of Hearing Handicap Questionnaires
- Acoustics and Anatomy & Physiology of the Adult Ear
- Basic Screening Otoscopy
- Use of Screening Equipment and Adult Hearing Screening Protocol
- Monitoring Ambient Noise Levels Managing Equipment and Troubleshooting
- Conducting a Biologic Check
- Presentation of Results & Patient Education
- Infection Control

Certification requires completion of the course and passing both written and practical exams.

The scope of practice for certified adult hearing screeners is limited to:

- Basic screening otoscopy
- Basic, air conducted pure tone audiometric screening
- Administration of the HHIE-S
- Delivery of results and referral information

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