master thesis research topics

Below is a list of research topics submitted by MSc (AUD) students:


Estimating the sound intensity reaching the cochlea as a result of dental drilling

A comparison of self-reported hearing aid ratings between patients who have received hearing aids through seniors’ mobility fund funding and those who have self-paid for hearing aids

The effect of stimulation rate and number of maxima on speech and music perception for CI patients

Sound exposure levels in non-occupational outdoor settings in Singapore

A pilot study to investigate the hearing profile of stroke patients

A normative study on air conduction stimulation and bone conduction vibration ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potentials

Validation of Mandarin speech audiometry materials in Singapore

The reference equivalent threshold sound pressure level (RETSPL) values of the Creare headphones

Factors affecting help-seeking behaviour for hearing rehabilitation in Singapore

Screening an elderly hearing impaired population for mild cognitive impairment using mini-mental state examination and Montreal cognitive assessment

A pilot study: developing Malay speech audiometry materials for clinical use in Singapore

Establishing the prevalence and severity of tinnitus among Singaporean elderly population

The current status of FM system usage among children with hearing impairment in Singapore primary schools

Validation of recorded Singapore version of the CID W-1 and CID W-22 word lists for English speech audiometry

Hearing thresholds measurement by cortical auditory evoked potential (caep) using the hearlabĀ® system

A comparison between self-reported hearing handicap and hearing impairment among patients of different ethnicities

Noise levels and reverberation in urban singapore preschool classrooms

Investigation of the relationships between level of hearing loss, device use and measures of musical pitch, lexical tone and speech-in-noise perception in the Mandarin-speaking population

Perceptions towards sound levels, music volumes and noise-induced hearing loss among churchgoers in Singapore

Paediatric hearing-related quality of life: Singapore context

Effectiveness of a noise-induced hearing loss prevention education programme in group exercise instructors

Comparing two different clinical tools (Gap-in-noise and random gap detection tests) in assessing children’s auditory temporal processing skills

Acquisition of amplification by individuals with disabling hearing loss in Singapore

Assessing the effects of central vestibular system sensitivity on motion sickness susceptibility

The effects of training on music perception and appreciation in cochlear implant users

Adapting the competing sentences test to the Singapore population using diotic presentation- A pilot study

Perceptions of people with hearing loss among various university social groups in National University of Singapore

Threshold measurements in patients with tinnitus comparing continuous, pulsed and warble tones

Hearing loss and travel: Assessing the hearing needs of travellers at airports

A normative study on tone burst vestibular evoked myogenic potentials

Economic impact and cost of hearing loss in Singapore

Adapting the established English speech audiometry for clinical use in Singapore