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Laboratory Rotation Scheme

Laboratory Rotation Scheme

Program Features

The laboratory rotation scheme is intended for newly enrolled graduate students who will conduct bench work and are unable to confirm a research supervisor at the time of enrolment. The students are encouraged to take part in the laboratory rotation scheme to choose a research supervisor for their graduate studies. With effect from the January 2015 intake, all international students (except NUS/NTU graduates), who are awarded the NUS Research Scholarship will be subject to laboratory rotation.

Students are allowed to take a minimum of one to a maximum of six laboratory rotations before choosing a research supervisor. Each rotation lasts for two weeks to one month. All students should be able to confirm a supervisor by 30 November/30 April for the August/ January intakes respectively.

Students may browse through the list of supervisors and research projects available at the School Graduate Program website on the laboratory rotation scheme to choose the laboratories that they are interested.

Students should have discussed their proposed studies with the potential supervisors face-to-face and secured at least one laboratory rotation based on mutual agreement by the end of the orientation week.


Students should submit an online application for lab rotation via the Laboratory Rotation Registration System.

Confirmation of Supervisor

By the end of the rotation, students must indicate their decision regarding confirmation of supervisor online via the Laboratory Rotation Registration System.

If both student and proposed supervisor agree to continue the research project in the same laboratory, the proposed supervisor will be officially appointed as the supervisor of the student

For students who cannot confirm a research supervisor after the first rotation, the second round of rotation shall start immediately.

Other Requirements

  1. To meet the requirements for the core module MDG5771 Graduate Research Seminar, students who take part in the laboratory rotation scheme will attend the seminars hosted by the laboratory rotation home department.
  2. It is compulsory for all students to attend the safety workshop conducted by the School. Students are also advised to register for the animal handling workshop organized by the NUS Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) as soon as possible.


Projects for Laboratory Rotation

List of Laboratory Rotation projects