The MCI program is completed in two years, with the option to extend for a third year if more time is required to finish the research component.

Each candidate will require 40 modular credits for graduation. These will be obtained by fulfilling both coursework and research requirements:

  • Coursework (32 modular credits):
    Nine coursework modules will be offered as a core requirement for all students. Coursework will be conducted in two blocks, each comprising six weeks' full-time study, and held bi-annually (in August-September and January-February).

    All students are expected to complete the coursework requirements in the first year as it is foundational for the research component.
  • Research component (8 modular credits):
    The research component will span a minimum of eight months. The aims of this component are to enable students to apply knowledge, acquire skills to plan a project, and to integrate and sustain research within clinical practice.