Program Features

The NUS-Hebrew University of Jerusalem Joint PhD program is a joint degree program offered by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ).

The NUS-HUJ joint degree program (JDP) provides a high-quality PhD education that aims to provide PhD candidates from both NUS and HUJ with learning and research experience in a global setting. There will be opportunities for the JDP students to gain valuable cross-cultural experience between the two countries and develop a strong appreciation of global issues.

PhD candidates from the NUS-HUJ JDP are required to spend a minimum of 9 months equivalent at the partner university to gain first-hand experiences in research collaboration with culturally different world-class researchers. Those who have successfully completed the program will be issued the joint PhD degree.

Supervision will be provided by a minimum of two faculty members with at least one supervisor from each institution. The students will be registered at both NUS and HUJ, and are expected to meet the joint degree program requirements as specified by their home institution to graduate with a joint PhD degree from both institutions.

The candidates will start their candidature at the beginning of any semester of an academic year in at their home institution.

In principle, candidates are required to spend an equivalent of 50% of the study period at each institution, though the time at the host institution can be reduced to a minimum of 6 months.