In conjunction with NUS vision to bring NUS to world class safety, health & environmental (SHE) standards, and the facilitating of the building of a positive SHE culture and learning experience for all NUS staff and students through their adoption of SHE best practices and systems; the Department of Physiology considers the provision of a safe and healthy work environment for its staff, students, contractors and visitors a top priority and a prerequisite for it to achieve its primary mission of conducting teaching, research and scholarship at the highest international standard. This commitment to protecting its human resources also extends to ensuring the Department's operations do not place the local community at risk of injury, illness or property damage.

More information on OSHE Legislation, Incident & Hazard Reporting and Investigation, Safe Systems of Work, Manual Handling, Safety Audits can be OSHE website.


Emergency Contact number

24-hour Security Guard Room
C/F, S16 Bioscience Complex
Tel: 67787450 or 6516 2365

Campus Security
Tel: 68741616

LifeLineNUS (24 hrs. phone line for life-threatening Emergency)
Tel: 65167777

NUS Counseling Centre
Tel: 65162376

Fire Department/Ambulance (Emergency)
Tel: 995

Police Department
Tel: 999

Medical Emergency
Office Hours: University Health and Wellness Centre
Tel: 65-67761631
After Office Hours: NUH Emergency Unit
Tel: 65-67725000

Faculty Safety Officer
Dr. Seow Zi-Xing Vernon
Tel: 67726977