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Cytology Services


The Cytopathology laboratory is located in the Department of Pathology at the Main Building, level 3. The Department is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Organisation for Standardisation (IOS). Staff is given continuous training and development to keep them up to date with the current medical trends and technology. The department comprises of 15 experienced pathologists, 8 qualified cytotechnologists and 1 trainee cytotechnologist. The 8 cytotechnologists are all IAC (International Academy of Cytology) certified, indicating that they are qualified to diagnose and sign out gynaecological samples. The department regularly takes part in the CAP quality assurance scheme to upgrade their training and to maintain high standards.

The Cytopathology laboratory offers the following services:

Gynaecological Cytology

The department receives over 14000 cervical samples every year. The liquid based system used in the lab is SurePath. The Department also help the clinicians to facilitate HPV testing.

Non Gynaecological Cytology

The department receives over 7000 samples every year. This includes body cavity fluids, washings and brushings from various parts of the body and FNA samples. These samples help us to identify the infections and primary or metastatic cancers. Ancillary tests such as immunocytochemistry, cell block preparation, molecular markers, flowcytometry and various special stains can be performed on these samples which are helpful for an accurate diagnosis.

Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) Service

FNA is a quick, minimally invasive test to diagnose a lump or a mass. While the deep lumps and masses are aspirated under image guidance, the FNA service, for the palpable, superficial lumps, is provided by the clinicians or pathologists at the outpatient clinics and wards. Trained cytotechnologists are present during the entire FNA procedure to assist the clinicians with on-site evaluation and adequacy of the specimen. This minimises non-diagnostic results and prevent repeat procedures, thereby enhancing rapid patient management.

Since February 2010, the pathologists have further enhanced the FNA service by performing FNA procedures upon clinicians' request for the outpatient clinics and wards. This has an additional advantage of providing the clinician with the 'preliminary diagnoses' in addition to the on-site evaluation and adequacy. This allows the patient management plan to be made in one hospital visit.

Furthermore, from September 2013, a new FNA clinic will be in operation at the NUH Medical Centre. Here, the FNA procedure can be performed by the pathologists in a clinical setting, benefiting the patient’s diagnostic criteria and providing a rapid turnaround of report.