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Innovation in Teaching : Interactive Virtual Pathology Specimens

In 2013, the Pathology Department has developed a novel teaching platform, creating dynamic, interactive virtual pathology specimens. Using digital photography and computer software, we have digitally combined multi-angle still photographs to create a single combined file, opened as a Flash file, which can be rotated and magnified. This allows tutors to demonstrate gross morphological details on the big screen, while maintaining high image resolution. In this way, students are able to appreciate important morphological findings with great clarity, which will enhance their understanding of clinic-pathologic pathways.

These virtual pathology specimens have been piloted in small and larger group teaching sessions (25 – 50 students), with very positive feedback. They have also been used successfully in e-learning exercises featuring remote, web-based teaching.

Currently, the department is working towards making this resource available, using a web-based platform, for students' self-study, to facilitate revision from outside campus.