Faculty Staff

Shanmugaratnam Kanagaratnam

Emeritus Professor
Professorial Fellow,
Emeritus Consultant Department of Pathology

Tel: +65 6772 4312
Email: patshanm@nus.edu.sg
CV: Shanmugaratnam K

Clinical Interest / Subspecialty

Cancer Epidemiology
Tumour Nomenclature and Coding


1947 – LMS (College of Medicine, Singapore)
1954 – MD (University of Malaya)
1957 – PhD (University of London)
1963 – FRCPA (Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia)
1963 – FRCPath (Royal College of Pathology, UK)
1970 – FCAP (College of American Pathologists)

Professional / Clinical experience

Professorial Fellow (NUS) and Emeritus Consultant (NUH) 1986-present
Professor of Pathology, National University of Singapore 1960-1968
Pathologist, Ministry of Health Singapore 1948-1960
Pathology of the Head and Neck
Cancer Epidemiology
Tumour Nomenclature and Coding
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