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Some previous suggestions:


“To allow the lab user to be familiar with Chemical and Biological Spillage, we can design a poster with picture to be pasted in every laboratory. This can be used as a education, emergency and refresher guide to all laboratory user.”


“In order to promote safety awareness and also to regularly keep the department staff updated on events and knowledge related to lab safety, an internal Newsletter can be circulated to all staff on a regular basis. The Newsletters can cover various topics such as the following: i. updated SOPs/ RAs or safety events ii. to showcase the achievements of staff iii. it can be an informative article on selected topics (e.g. all about xxx chemical) iv. it can even have some simple games and quizzes for staff to participate in order to win prizes In summary, the Newsletter can serve as a informal channel of communication in order to disseminate information to all department staff and to promote safety awareness among all.”

LWC, student

“"During my attachment from 15 July 2010 to 3 September 2010, I have been using the labs B1-19 and 02-16 of Clinical Research Centre and NUSTEP of DSO Level 4. I would like to commend the lab managers for making the labs a safe and friendly environment to work in. The labs very closely observed the guidelines set by the National University of Singapore regarding lab conditions. I have no prior exposure to other labs elsewhere, but this short period has definitely made a good impression on how a lab should look like and be organized. This will be the benchmark that I have against any other future labs I will use. I honestly could not think of any areas for improvement but I would think that equipment in the labs could be serviced more regularly such as the faulty BSCII in 02-16 and the unused liquid nitrogen tank in B1-19. In pushing for a greener environment, I would also hope that there could be ways to recycle the plastic bottles or containers used in experiments, although I understand the limitations due to their biohazard nature.” LWC, student


The users and operator, when using the biomechanical testing machine while testing biological specimens, are often exposed to flying debris especially when testing bone till fracture. So, we would like to come up with a design to protect the users. We would like to suggest using a protective mobile foldable perspex shield of a certain thickness. The shield can be easily out around the machine prior to testing and removed easily after the testing hence the mobility concept of the shield. This will greatly enhance the safety of the personnel performing the testing and the surrounding equipments. RAK


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