Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, National University of Singapore, Singapore - Safety

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Department Safety Policy

Safety starts with *STARR*

Our guiding ‘STARR’ principles are:


Safety & Health

Ensuring safety is a top priority in our operational procedures. We will develop appropriate protocols for department specific work practices. We advocate medical surveillance for staff and students engaged in department research activities. We will safeguard all our stakeholders' by implementing a Safety Management System to minimize injuries and ill health.



We encourage all staff to attend the safety seminars and courses organised by OSHE. New staff and students will undergo safety induction training by more experienced personnel who will pass on the concepts of safety in operational practices in our laboratories.



We provide information about health and safety issues to all our staff and students, including identifying and updating knowledge of potential hazards on a regular basis, sharing with each other best practices.



To ensure that safety compliance is the responsibility of every staff and in the department. Each Principal Investigator is ultimately responsible for the compliance of the team under the NUS Safety, Health Policies and Standards.



Continuously review our safety management systems through the PDCA cycle to identify gaps and ensure continual improvement in order to meet or exceed best safe practices


We will manage Occupational Health & Safety by conducting the necessary Risk Assessments in a Team, leveraging on the skills set and expertise of each member. We will identify and minimise Hazards with the appropriate Operational Controls.

The Department Safety Committee has the mandate to highlight unsafe practices and encourage and educate staff and students to adopt better work procedures.

The Department will ensure areas under its management have adequate resources and funding for its Safety Management System.


Department Safety Policy 2015 revision (2MB PDF file)