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Research Projects

Administered by the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, NUS

2013 Therapeutic Strategies after Spinal Cord Injury Angelo All
2013 The correlation between flexible pes planus in children and young adults and lower limb rotational deformities: An EOS study. Tan Ken Jin
2012 Cell penetrating MMP-12 FRET MRI probe prototype for pain visualization Wong Hee Kit
2012 The combined effect of mesenchymal stem cell, HA-CaSO4, BMP2, and implant in inducing the healing of critical sized bone defect on long bone fracture. James Hui
2012 Best in class: enhanced self renewal and therapeutic potential of adult human mesenchymal stem cells James Hui
2012 Harvesting corticocancellous bone graft from the proximal tibia as an alternative to the iliac crest - A biomechanical and computational study.

Lim Chin Tat

2012 An evaluation of the cost benefit relationship of end of life orthopaedic interventions to better aid in resource management in palliative care Suresh Nathan
2011 A novel hybrid multi material micro dispensing system to develop 3 dimensional tissue engineered meniscal implants and osteochondral grafts Wilson Wang
2011 Development of a novel 3D bi-functional tendon tissue construct Alphonsus Chong
2011 Development of novel yolk shell nanoparticle based moldable putty for surgery Wong Hee Kit James Goh
2011 Generating platelet enriched plasmas by ultrasound waves Casey Chan Zhou Yufeng (NTU)
2011 Is it safe to transfuse Leucocyte Depletion Filter (LDF) processed intra-operative cell salvage (IOCS) blood in spine tumour surgery? Naresh Kumar
2011 Silk sleeve device for improving the graft bonding at the bone tunnel James Hui James Goh
2011 The effect of tai chi standing postures on improving walking, stability and cognitive states in the rehabiliation of the elderly. A biomechanical study Joseph Thambiah Diarmuid Murphy
2010 Development of suture materials with improved tendon repair qualities Wilson Wang
2010 Fabrication of growth factors eluting nano particles tubes from polymeric bioceramic composites for orthopaedic tissue engineering applications Wong Hee Kit
2010 Functionalization of bioresorbable poly-epsilon-caprolactone-20% tricalcium phosphate cage devices to enhance delivery of biological factores in interbody spine fusion Wong Hee Kit
2010 Genetic prognostication of curve progression in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in Asian School Children Wong Hee Kit Gabriel Liu
2010 Novel approaches to promote vascular regeneration and tissue healing in orthopaedic surgery via biomaterial functionalisation Wilson Wang Lingaraj K.
2010 Preventing major amputations (below knee and above knee) in patients with diabetic foot problems Aziz Nather
2010 The development of an in-vitro 3D tumor model for drug testing studies Suresh Nathan
2010 The purification and use of FGF-2-binding heparan sulfate to increase the healing of critical-sized bone defects James Hui Simon Cool
2009 A phase two study of the use of mesenchymal stem cells for enhancing meniscal lesions repair in the human knee Tan Chyn Hong James Hui
2007 Preventing local recurrence in the musculoloskeletal oncology patient using cryosurgery Suresh Nathan
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