Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

V K Pillay Lectureship

2015 V K Pillay Lectureship

13 - 16 April 2015


Associate Professor Young-Jo, Kim

MD, PhD,

Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery,

Harvard Medical School,


United States of America

2015 V K Pillay Lectureship

"Hip Preservation Surgery: Fact or Fiction"



Much of hip osteoarthritis is caused by hip deformity such as acetabular dysplasia and femoro-acetabular impingement. Recent advances in surgical techniques including osteotomy and arthroscopy have allowed us to correct the deformity with minimal morbidity. The techniques are effective in relieving the clinical symptoms but whether or not we truly preserve the joint is unclear. Recent evidence supporting the role of these conditions in the development of hip OA and possible alteration of OA development with surgical intervention will be reviewed in this talk.


13 April 2015 (Mon) 7.15 am Lecture: "Clinical evaluation of the adolescent hip & current imaging techniques and useful measurements" Seminar Rooms T11-02 & 03, Level 11, NUHS Tower Block
14 April 2015 (Tue) 7.30 am V K Pillay Lecture: "Hip Preservation Surgery : Fact or Fiction" Auditorium, Level 1, NUHS Tower Block
15 April 2015 (Wed) 7.15 am Management of FAI in SCFE Seminar Rooms T11-02 & 03, Level 11, NUHS Tower Block