Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, National University of Singapore, Singapore - 2014 Pesi B Chacha Lectureship

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Pesi B Chacha Lectureship

2014 Pesi B Chacha Lectureship

7 - 10 January 2014



Dr. Todd J. Albert is the Richard H. Rothman Professor and Chairman of the Dept. of Orthopaedics at Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals and is President of The Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, PA, USA.


Dr. Albert serves on the boards of several scholarly journals and is Past President of The Cervical Spine Research Society and Past Chair of The International Meeting of Advanced Spinal Techniques (IMAST) for the Scoliosis Research Society. He serves as the Chair of the Development Committee for the American Orthopaedic Association and is on the Board of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.


Lectureship Highlights

Inaugural 2014 Pesi B Chacha Lecture:
"How to deal with a New Healthcare Paradigm: What have we learned from the SPORT Studies?"
Wed, 8 Jan 2014, 6 pm, NUHS Auditorium


This lecture will deal with the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare payments and reform in the US as a template for understanding how to maximize value in our healthcare environment (highest quality at lowest cost). The concepts of value, measurement of outcomes (disease specific and generic) and cost effectiveness will also be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the differences between process measures and patient based health outcome measures and the understanding of each.


NUH Grand Round:
"Leadership and Mentorship in the 21st Century"
Fri, 10 Jan 2014, 7.30 am, NUHS Auditorium


This lecture will focus on the definition and history of leadership theories and then delve into the concepts of hard power, softer power and smart power as tools for guiding and leading groups both in business and academics. Jim Collins’ concepts in “Good to Great” will also be approached to aid in the understanding of the tools the most effective leaders possess. Finally we will discuss mentorship and professionalism as it applies to out roles as educators, learners, role models and leaders.



Teaching Programme

7 January 2014 (Tue) 2.15 pm Controversy in the Management of Central Cord Syndrome Seminar Room T08-03, Level 8, NUHS Tower Block
8 January 2014 (Wed) 7.15 am Current Treatment Options for Spinal Stenosis Seminar Rooms T11-02 & 03, Level 11, NUHS Tower Block
  5.30 pm Pesi B. Chacha Lectureship (Reception) Foyer, Auditorium, Level 1, NUHS Tower Block
  6.00 pm Pesi B. Chacha Lecture: "How to Deal with a New Healthcare Paradigm : What Have We Learned from the SPORT Studies" Auditorium, Level 1, NUHS Tower Block
9 January 2014 (Thurs) 7.15 am Principles of Treatment in Cervical Deformity Seminar Rooms T11-02 & 03, Level 11, NUHS Tower Block
10 January 2014 (Fri) 7.30 am Leadership and Mentorship in the 21st Century Auditorium, Level 1, NUHS Tower Block