Department of Orthopaedic Surgery


Level 4, Lab 5, DSO (Kent Ridge) Building
NUS Tissue Engineering Programme
National University of Singapore
27 Medical Drive, Singapore 117510.

MD11, Lab B1-05
Clinical Research Centre
National University of Singapore
10 Medical Drive, Singapore 117597.

Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Wilson Wang

For Enquiries, please contact:
Lab I/C: Ms Julee Chan (
Tel: 65165423; Fax: 6776 5322



Histology Lab

The Histology Laboratory is located at DSO (Kent Ridge) Level 4, NUS Tissue Engineering Programme. The lab supports the department in the following areas of research:

Histology - Musculoskeletal tissue

  • Routine stains for musculoskeletal tissue
  • Special stains - immunohistology for musculoskeletal tissue
  • Large decalcified bone specimens sectioning
  • Undecalcified bone sectioning together with orthopaedic implant
  • Undecalcified bone embedding with Technovit 7200 resin


The Histology laboratory is equipped with

  • Leica RM2135 Microtomes
  • Leica EG1160 Paraffin Embedding Centre
  • Shandon Citadel 1000 Tissue Processor
  • Isomet 1000 Precision Saw
  • Exakt 310 Band Cutting & Exakt 400 Micro Grinding System


Histology Laboratory
Histology Laboratory


EXAKT 310 Band Cutting System
EXAKT 400 Micro Grinding System


Resin Embedded Undecalcified Pig Bone - Methylene Blue Basic Fuchsin
Guinea Pig Tibia - Safranin O Fast Green


Resin Embedded Undecalcified Pig Intervertebral Disc - Methylene Blue Basic Fuchsin
Rabbit Intervertebral Disc - H & E