Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

50 Years of Orthopaedic Surgery in Singapore

Celebrating 50 Years of Orthopaedics in Singapore

Scientific Meeting, 12 - 13 October 2002, Raffles City Convention Hall



Orthopaedic surgery as a subspecialty of medicine has a role in looking after the individual's health from birth to the sunset years. In Singapore the specialty has a distinguished legacy of looking after the residents of Singapore for the last 50 years. The specialty will continue to evolve and advance to provide this specialised and unique service to the community in the future.

At this special occasion of the 50th year's anniversary meeting, the committee has the addressed the importance of public education in the care of the normal as well as the abnormal musculoskeletal system. There will be public talks emphasizing the normal health and pathological conditions of the human body in relation to injuries sustained in sports related activities and other trauma, aging joints and new ways of managing bone and joints problems. We will emphasize the importance of understanding the human body and its motion and how the individual should work in harmony with his body. There will be a public exhibition in all government-restructured hospitals highlighting the past and the present and current management of different orthopaedic problems.

The specialty has also given its commitment to education and training of future generations of young doctors. There will be a symposium addressing important issues of training the future orthopaedic leadership and how the specialty should stay relevant to health issues affecting the community. The challenges facing the academic orthopaedic surgeon, medico -legal risks of othopaedic practice and the relationship of orthopaedic surgery and industry will also be discussed.

We would like to thank all the overseas fellows who have contributed so much in the cross-fertilization of orthopaedic knowledge in Singapore and for coming to participate at this meeting. We are also grateful to all the speakers, moderators and the partipants for joining and sharing with us in this celebration of the 50th anniversary of the specialty in Singapore.

Prof. Robert Pho
Organising Chairman
Scientific Meeting, 12 - 13 October 2002, Raffles City Convention Hall
Orthopaedic Surgery: 50 Years of Commitment to Education
1952 - 2002


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