Fundamental research into the clinical implications of reproductive function in the female and male has been the focus of this section over the last three decades. This include current approach into identifying active ingredients in Ananas comosus that inhibit/excite uterine activity, as potential novel agents for inhibition of preterm labour and management of postpartum haemorrhage. Secondly, we are also involved in a novel therapeutic option in the treatment of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction using endothelial progenitor cells.

Milestones include the pioneer discovery of various receptors and pathways in the human cavernosum, establishment of the autonomic control of penile erection – role of nitric oxide and lately hydrogen sulphide as neurotransmitter / modulator of sexual functioning and screening and selection of prostaglandins (used worldwide to date for the induction of abortion, antiplatelet aggregation and treatment of erectile dysfunction).

Translational research by Prof Adaikan and team has been accredited with the ongoing identities of biochemical, endocrinologic, metabolic and age-related factors for male and female sexual disorders - an important off-shoot is the patented discovery of the use of pro-endogenous agents for the treatment of priapism. These are area of expertise with further explorations.


Some publications representing our work

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Other Key Research Areas