The Integrated Women Health Programme (IWHP) was initiated to address in a comprehensive fashion, the health care needs of ageing women. Coordinated multidisciplinary health programmes for menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, sexual health, urogynaecology, emotional and psychiatric health, cancer screening and cardiovascular health ensure that care is delivered with a life-course, holistic and integrated one-stop approach.

The IWHP is also an integral part of the NUHS-A*STAR programme to study the biology of functional ageing, and forms the basis for the middle-aged cohort, one of the three cohorts in the NUHS-A*STAR programme that spans midlife to nonagenarians. The ultimate goal of this Programme is the design and delivery of innovative interventions to increase health-span and lifespan of Singaporeans.

To-date this Programme has recruited 600 (age: 45 to 65 years) women who have completed the study. Noteworthy is the real time electronic capture of data input by patients themselves. This increases the efficiency of patient management and research. The data generated from these studies allows us to better understand the needs of women’s health.


Some publications representing our work

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Other Key Research Areas