Undergraduate Student Internship Programme (SIP) in O&G

(Elective term – March to June 2016)


For the Undergraduates' Elective, we offer a unique 6 weeks elective Student Internship Programme to students, who are interested to know more about the art and science of O&G with additional exposure to the specialty. This programme promotes hands-on training and the emphasis is on helping the students to think critically, search and gather, analyze the evidences and appreciate scientific facts rather than just dispensing knowledge to them. Please click on below links for details.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop core competencies and professional skills as a junior house officer.
  2. Management of O&G patients in the outpatient clinics and in the wards.
  3. Management of normal labour and delivery.
  4. To acquire clinical skills in managing patients.


Description of Elective:

Student will be attached to divisions of Maternal Fetal Medicine and Benign Gynaecology for a period of 3 weeks each. The job scope will involve ward work, clinics, delivery suite, operation theatre, night call and management of high risks pregnancies. This programme aims to help the student to learn various skills for self directed learning. The emphasis is on uncovering and developing the innate talent of the student.


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