A/Prof Su Lin Lin

A/Prof Su Lin Lin

Director, Phase IV O&G Posting Director
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
National University Hospital

Division Director's Message

It is often said that pregnancy and childbirth are the most important time in a woman's life and you should choose the place where you put your trust carefully. When you choose to deliver your baby here, you would have joined thousands of families every year who elect to have their babies at our hospital.

At the NUH Women's Centre, we are committed to the delivery of excellent, safe and personalised care. As the medical teaching facility of the National University of Singapore, the specialist consultants in our department are devoted to ensuring high standards of patient care as well as achieving teaching and medical research excellence.

Many doctors in Singapore, including the Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialists, are graduates of the National University of Singapore.

The discipline of Maternal Fetal Medicine is also known as High Risk Obstetrics. The staff in this division provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for women and their unborn babies who have complications identified prior to or during pregnancy.

Women without problem pregnancies are also welcome and are equally supported by our qualified ambulatory and inpatient staff. We have a comprehensive range of obstetrical services and prenatal fetal care facilities – under one roof. Like most of our patients, it is likely that you will experience a normal, healthy pregnancy and birth.

However, rest assured that should the need arise, major medical disciplines including advanced ICU care, neonatal care, cardiology, cardio-thoracic surgery and pediatric surgery are available in the hospital and are only a phone call away. This is the safety net for every patient of which we are very proud of.

Every birth, every newborn, every family is considered special here and we pledge to provide you with the best possible care.