Prof Yong Eu Leong

Prof Yong Eu Leong

Head of Department
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
National University Hospital

Founded in 1905, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is a tertiary care referral center with a national role in clinical care, research and undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Excellent patient outcomes, anchored on medical science and compassionate care delivery, is the foundation stone for our education and research missions.

The O&G Reproductive and Developmental Biology Research Programs aim to conduct research that generate external funding and intellectual output typical of that from a world class university. The Department has an unrivalled research record in the Asia-Pacific region, having pioneered the clinical use of prostaglandins, ultrasound and in-vitro fertilization/assisted conception techniques in Asia. Staff is vigorously developing already strong research reputations in birth cohort studies, cell-based therapies, botanical drug discovery, reproductive pharmacology, early phase clinical trials, genomics, proteomics, molecular mechanisms of reproduction, early fetal development and reproductive cancer biology.

Faculty members have national and international roles in the education of undergraduate medical students, postgraduate residents, supervise graduate students. We aim to inspire them and light the passion to shape medicine for the future.

To Serve, To Innovate and To Inspire.

These aspirations are epitomized in our Mission Statement