To Light, To Uphold and To Affirm: A Tribute to Nurses

3 August 2017

This Nurses’ Day, our students joined the healthcare industry in saluting our everyday heroes with their very own rendition, themed "To Light, To Uphold and To Affirm".

About 400 guests, comprising nurses, students, faculty and alumni, attended the celebration, which incorporated an inauguration ceremony for nursing freshmen for the very first time in the event’s 11-year history.

The event – called “Conventus” – featured a welcome speech by NUS Nursing Head Prof Emily Ang and the sharing of his student journey by alumni Darryl Ang Wei Hao, now a Staff Nurse at the National University Hospital. NUS Nursing and NUS Medicine students also took to the stage with singing and dance performances.

The LIGHT signifies the role of nurses, which is to guide the sick through their journey from ailment to recovery. As nurses, we should aim to UPHOLD the values that competent nurses should possess and maintain the pride and professionalism of nursing. And lastly, the pin ceremony gives us the opportunity to AFFIRM our commitment to serve others through this profession, which entails long hours of gruelling work and at times, the testing of our physical, emotional and psychological strength.

Lim Jae Young, Project Director, Conventus XI