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Faculty 13 November 2017

The Art and Science of Nursing Education

Award-wining faculty share their strategies for training competent and caring nurses.

Alumni News 30 Sep 2017

NUS Nursing Alumnus Relishes Challenges of Entrepreneurship

Her nursing journey led her to entrepreneurship, but Kuah Ling Ling remains a practitioner at heart. The ex-acute care nurse now has a newfound passion – community nursing.

Undergraduate News 15 Sep 2017

Swiss Exchange: New Perspectives in Healthcare

Fourth-year student Lim Jae Young spent her summer on an exchange programme in Switzerland and returned with new perspectives on healthcare.

Education 3 August 2017

To Light, To Uphold and To Affirm: A Tribute to Nurses

This Nurses’ Day, our students joined the healthcare industry in saluting our everyday heroes with their very own rendition, themed "To Light, To Uphold and To Affirm".

Education 25 July 2017

More Students Applying to Study Nursing at NUS

More students are taking on degree-level studies leading to a career as Registered Nurses, a trend that bodes well for the recruitment of more nurses to meet healthcare needs over the next few years.

Education 13 July 2017

Q&A: Career Advice for the Class of 2017

NUS Nursing lecturer Lim Fui Ping gives the NUS Nursing Class of 2017 three career tips on how to overcome challenges and find success in the nursing profession.

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