Scholarships, Bursaries and Financial Aid

The University is committed to a needs-blind merit-based admission policy that ensures no deserving student is denied a university education because of financial difficulty.

To help meet the educational expenses of financially needy students, aid in the form of loans, scholarships, bursaries and work-study opportunities are administered by the Office of Financial Aid (OFA).

More information on financial aid available at

Administered by Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies (ALCNS)

    Application for faculty bursaries and scholarships

    To be considered for the faculty bursaries and scholarships, please apply for Financial Aid and Donated Scholarships through the Office of Financial Aid (OFA) at the Undergraduate Financial Aid portal:

    The Financial Aid application outcome will be sent to you via your NUS email account starting from May onwards. Please check your NUS email account regularly as OFA may require you to submit additional supporting documents and/or accept the financial aid/scholarship offer if you are successful by a stipulated deadline. You may also check on your application status at the Undergraduate Financial Aid portal.

    To be considered for a faculty bursary, you have to be first offered a NUS Bursary, accept it and meet its pre-requisite(s). If you are found eligible for a bursary/scholarship by the faculty, you will be informed by the faculty from September onwards. If you are offered a bursary/scholarship by both the OFA and the faculty, you will be informed if you are allowed to hold both awards concurrently. The awards’ value may be adjusted or the award with the lower value may be withdrawn.

    Administered by MOH Holdings and various healthcare agencies

    • MOH Holdings Pte Ltd
    • Agency for Integrated Care
    • Alexandra Health System
    • Eastern Health Alliance
    • Jurong Health Services
    • National Healthcare Group
    • National University Health System
    • Singapore Health Services