MN Academic Information

Overview of the Programme Structure

Detailed Programme Structure of Master of Nursing

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Module Description

Module description of modules offered by Master of Nursing programme can be found here.

Total Curriculum Hours

The MN is a two years programme and offered over 4 semesters. It comprises 80 modular credits and a total of 2750 hours including both theoretical hours and clinical hours. Total hours for theory (e.g. lectures, tutorials, and self-directed learning) are 1950 hours (2.5 x 13 x 60 MC) and total hours for clinical practicum are 800 (40 hours x 20 weeks).

The theoretical hours are calculated as 2.5 hours/week for 1 modular credit over a 13 week semester.

4MC = 10 hours/week over 13 weeks (130 hours)

The clinical practicum hours are calculated at 40 hours/week for 1 module credit. The number of hours undertaken by students for clinical practicum modules is 800 hours through two-year MN programme.

1MC = 40 hours/week over 2 years (800 hours)

The MN programme clinical practicum handbook (Appendix C (P8)) provides an overview of clinical practicum learning outcome, posting planning, duration, assessment, arrangement process, preceptors’ and students’ roles and responsibilities, as well as evacuation of the clinical preceptor for the learning experiences.

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MN Academic Calendar

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Graduation and Continuation Requirements

The MN degree will be awarded if the students achieved the following:

  • Obtain minimum CAP shall be 3.0; Students are required to retake the failed modules in order to obtain MN degree
  • Complete 800 hours of clinical attachments. Replacement is compulsory if there is any absence during clinical attachment period.
  • Regardless of specialization track, all students are required to complete and pass 14 modules and earn 80MC
  • Pass the summative assessment Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Following successful completion of the MN programme, students are eligible to pursue a one-year internship programme in order to be eligible for APN certification exam.

IMPORTANT: Student will be terminated if CAP fall below 2.5 for two consecutive semesters or 3.0 for three consecutive semesters. A warning will be issues for any semester in the CAP falls below 3.0.