Executive Committees

2nd Executive Committee

Position Name
President Sarah Ong
Vice-President Tan Wei (Jocelyn)
Honorary General Secretary Connie Cheung
Assistant Honorary General Secretary Ibnu Firdaus
Honorary Treaurer (Acting) Seah Betsy
Director (Communications and Informatics) Brendan Chew
Director (Social and Welfare) Li Jie Min
Director (Professional Development) Seah Betsy
Director (Overseas Outreach) Madeleine Lam
ALCNS Advisor Adjunct Associate Professor Tiew Lay Hwa

1st Executive Committee

Position Name
President Lim Chi Ching
Vice-President: Chua Tse Lert
Honorary General Secretary Sarah Ong (2012-2014), Sherly Agustinus (2011)
Honorary Treaurer Kuek Wern Lunn
Welfare Director Ngo Yu Ting Natalie
Liaison Officer Micki Goh
Academic Director Koh Yi Wen
Volunteer Director Lam Runbing Madeleine
ALCNS Advisor Professor Sally Chan, Dr Tiew Lay Hwa and Ms Liaw Sok Ying