Medical Year 3 Surgery Posting


Medical Year 3 students are posted to Department of Surgery for surgical training for eight weeks. During the posting, students are attached to surgical teams and are involved in daily ward rounds, outpatients clinics, night duties, day surgery and main operating sessions with members of the team. Students are also required to attend Department’s academic activities such as grand ward rounds, radiology/pathology conferences and journal clubs that are conducted each week. Other teaching includes lectures and bedside tutorials. The lecture series cover the following topics:

  • Alternation of Metabolism in Surgery, Inflammation and Trauma
  • Fluid and Electrolyte Balance in the Surgical Patient
  • Surgical Nutrition
  • Infections, Wounds and SIRS in Surgery, Use of Antibiotics
  • Asepsis and Antisepsis in Surgery
  • Pre and Post Operative Care
  • Principles of Surgical Cancer Therapy
  • Ethics – Informed Consent


The guiding principle for M3 Continuous Assessment (CA) is to inculcate the habits of Continuing Medical Education (CME). As such, the CA instruments are based on CME with emphasis on a true nature of continuous i.e. not intermittent testing but a process that continues through the posting, as follows:

(i) Clinical Presentation
(ii) Case Reports
(iii) CME Activities Attendance
(iv) Exposure to “Must See” cases
(v) Participation of activities i.e. Operating Theatre, Night Duties and Clinics etc

  • Medical Year 3 Surgery Posting