Research Groups

Cancer Pharmacology

From left: Edward Chow, Gautam Sethi, Peter Lobie, Alan Prem Kumar, Pieter Eichhorn.

Selected Research Interests and Highlights

  • Identification of novel natural product compounds that can suppress NF-kB activation to treat cancer.
  • Developing new therapies for breast and endometrial carcinoma targeting hormones and secreted proteins.
  • Characterization of DEAD-box RNA Helicases regulating cell proliferation, migration & drug resistance in breast cancer.
  • Identification of deubiquitinating enzymes overexpressed in cancers that act as potent TGF-β pathway activators.
  • Developing carbon-based nanoparticle drug-delivery platforms for enhanced diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Understanding the roles of nuclear receptors and epigenetics in regulating gene expression in breast cancer.

Selected Awards, Honours & Prizes

  • Publication Impact Factor Award (Adjunct Publishing), Curtin University, Australia, 2014 (Alan Prem Kumar)
  • Huang He Friendship Award, Hubei Provincial Government, 2013 (Peter Lobie)
  • Chinese Government Friendship Award, 2014 (Peter Lobie)


From left: Bian Jinsong, Peter Wong, Mitchell Lai, Gavin Dawe, Judy Sng, Low Chian Ming. Christopher Chen & Tan Chay Hoon (inset)

Selected Research Interests and Highlights

  • Advances in the diagnosis, epidemiology, neuroimaging and prevention strategies for vascular cognitive impairment.
  • Role of H2S in ischaemic injuries and the therapeutic potential of inhibiting production of H2S.
  • Neuroprotective effects of H2S in Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Postmortem human brain studies of neurochemical markers and mechanisms of dementia.
  • Stapled peptide ligands for the Relaxin-3/RXFP3 system as a novel target for neuropsychiatric disorders.
  • Novel, non-amyloidogenic functions of the amyloid precursor protein.
  • Chemical biology and drug design for glutamate receptor and phospholipase A2 targets in pain.
  • Epigenetic regulation of visual and somatosensory cortical neuroplasticity.
  • The study of the use of ginseng and ginseng products in Singapore

Selected Awards, Honours & Prizes

  • Distinguished Neuroscientist Award, Singapore Neuroscience Association, 2014 (Peter Wong)
  • GlaxoSmithKline Academic Centre of Excellence Research Awards, 2010 (Chris Chen and Gavin Dawe)

Immunopharmacology & Others

From left: Bian Jinsong, Lau Aik Jiang, Mitchell Lai, Fred Wong, Benny Tan, Deron Herr. Inthrani Raja Indran (inset)

Selected Research Highlights

  • Validation and characterization of bioactive molecules: andrographilide, artusenate and vitamin E isoform.
  • Drug discovery and development for the treatment of respiratory diseases including asthma and OCPD.
  • Analysis of fundamental lipid-signaling systems that regulate cellular processes.
  • Validation of novel drugs for the treatment of pain and hearing
  • Role of H2S in inflammatory responses.
  • Mechanisms of neuroinflammation in mild cognitive impairment and their contribution to development of dementia.
  • Evaluation of natural products for their effects on blood pressure, blood sugar, and lipids in experimental animals.
  • Effect of disease conditions on drug metabolism, transport, disposition, efficacy, or toxicity.
  • Reproductive endocrinology

Selected Awards, Honours & Prizes

  • NUHS-Mochtar Riady Pinnacle Award, Excellence Award, 2013 (Fred Wong)
  • Young Scientist Travel Award, American Society of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, 2012 (Lau Aik Jiang)