HOD Message

It is my great honor and a personal commitment to take on the Headship of the Pharmacology Department. Pharmacology is a unique biomedical science discipline that focuses mainly on drugs. The discipline covers a broad range of teaching and research areas from pharmacokinetics, drug-receptor theory, identification and validation of drug targets, agonist and antagonist drug discovery, molecular and cellular mechanisms of drug actions, disease-specific system pharmacology, drug modality development, pharmacogenetics and personalized medicine, drug development and clinical drug trial, to adverse drug reactions and toxicology.

The department was founded in 1957 and has since been deeply rooted in classical pharmacology teaching and research. Currently, we have a strong team of academic and research staff committed to excel in the pharmacology education and research missions. Our team has diverse research training background from clinical pharmacology, systems pharmacology, to basic molecular and cellular pharmacology. Many of our team members have medical training or pharmacy training to support clinically-relevant education mission to our professional programs including MBBS, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing. Besides, the department is also well-positioned to train students from the Life Science program in basic and molecular pharmacology and toxicology, and equip them to become pharmaceutical drug industry and clinical drug trial professionals.

Our academic and research staff have outstanding research publication and grant funding track records in research areas like cancer pharmacology, neuropharmacology, immunopharmacology, cardiovascular pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and drug discovery and development. Pharmacology is the anchoring department for the Memory Aging Cognitive Center (MACC) at NUHS and the NUS Neuroscience Phenotyping Core. The department also has strong presence in the University-level research institutes including the Cancer Science Institute (CSI), the Neuroscience Program and the Immunology Program. Our staff are committed to train and mentor PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, and offer the honors year research projects to our Life Science students and Pharmacy students. In addition, we are also building up scholarly research in Education by teaching staff who work closely the Medical Education Unit at the NUS Medical School.

During my tenure as HOD of pharmacology, I will work closely with my team to achieve departmental excellence in teaching and educational research, and to build departmental aspiration for high impact research outcome, innovative therapeutic drug intervention, and improvement in patient care and management. Please feel free to contact me (phchead@nus.edu.sg) and my staff if you have any queries and/or proposals for collaboration with regard to pharmacology teaching and/or research.

Head & Associate Professor
A/P Wai Shiu Fred WONG