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Fellowship Programmes

Fellowship in Glaucoma


To provide exposure in the clinical management of glaucoma patients at National University Hospital and associated institutions.


One year

Fellowship Programme Outline

Our fellowship offers an all round experience, with opportunity for developing in clinical skills, knowledge as well as research. We have a strong tradition of good clinical teaching, and also access to senior clinicians and clinician scientists who can supervise the fellow in producing quality clinical and research output.

The fellowship experience with our team builds on the residency program training, with more hands on experience, and the opportunity to perform a large variety of glaucoma cases under supervision, and then independently.

The fellow will also be able to access the patient pool for research and he / she will be able to tap on the expertise available in the department to improve his / her skill in writing papers, conducting research and grant application.

We have a multi-prong approach and expect that at the end of the fellowship that our fellows are competent surgeons, can teach others back in their countries and can also produce good research output.

Our weekly curriculum:

Apart from clinic sessions, operating theatre time, we also have sessions of teaching with:

  • Case reports
  • Problem cases
  • Journal reviews
  • Research projects

Our department has three aims for the glaucoma unit:

  • Clinical
    • Large clinical load
    • Exposure to a variety of glaucoma cases
    • Supervision and discussion of management with supervisors
    • Access to modern medicine and cutting edge investigation tools
    • Latest surgical techniques
    • Supervised learning of surgical skills
    • Large variety of surgical cases
  • Research
    • Supervision by clinicians and scientists
    • Experienced grant and paper writers
    • Access to statistical expertise
    • Access to patient pools for research
    • Multi-centred trials
    • Guided paper writing and grant applications
    • Fellow participation in research is expected
  • Education
    • Experienced tutors in clinics and operating theatres
    • Spectrum of senior consultants available
    • Fellow participation in teaching
    • Structured teaching program

Core skills (in detail):

Technical/Surgical Skills

    • Perform YAG or argon laser procedures in glaucoma patients (e.g monocular patient, repeat laser, vitreous lysis, suture lysis)
    • Perform laser treatments (e.g YAG or argon laser iridotomy, suture lysis argon laser trabeculoplasty, iridoplasty, cyclophotocoagulation) for more advanced glaucoma cases (repeat treatments, monocular patient)
    The fellow will have exposure to and be allowed to perform glaucoma procedures under supervision.
    • Perform routine and repeat trabeculectomy with or with- out antimetabolites
    • Describe, manage, and treat surgically, if necessary, a flat anterior chamber
    • Perform more advanced techniques for the revision of filtering blebs (e.g., failing bleb, leaking bleb)
    • Recognize and treat complications of glaucoma surgery blebs
    • Perform tube glaucoma surgery
    • These may be combined with cataract surgery
    1. Cataract Surgery
    2. Advanced Cataracts Surgery
      1. Secondary Lens Insertion
      2. Combined Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery
        The fellow will have exposure to and be allowed to perform glaucoma procedures under supervision. These procedures include:
        • Trabeculectomies
        • Tube surgery
        • Iridectomies
        • Goniosynaechiolysis

Fellow is expected to be actively involved in education programmes of glaucoma teaching including:

    Our faculty has regular teaching sessions. In these sessions, we will involve the fellow in the process of learning, and we will also get the fellow to assist in the conduct of teaching sessions for junior trainees.
    • Case reports and problem cases
    • Conferences and journal clubs
    • Grand rounds, Imaging rounds and reviews of emergency patients
    • Participation in quality assurance audit programmes of the service
    • Participation in teaching of residents and/or medical students
    The fellow is expected to assist in research with our faculty staff, and will be given projects of their own. There will be guidance, and opportunities to interact with research staff, with access to resources, such as statisticians, support staff and time to tap the experiences of more mature researchers.

    Our aim is for each fellow to publish his or her own paper and also assist in the running of current trials, as well as to assist the senior glaucoma staff in their projects and gain understanding into how such projects can then be translated into good clinical work, and be implemented in their own countries.

    Aspects of research:
    • To conduct and coordinate clinical research in glaucoma diseases within NUH in line with its research strategy and under the direction and supervision of the Principal Investigators and Collaborators
    • To manage these research projects, this includes supervising post-doctoral research assistants, research students, technicians and other support staff
    • To publish research outcomes in appropriate journals of international standing and to publish and disseminate the result of research and scholarship in other reputable outlets
    • To attend and present research findings and papers at academic and professional conferences, and to contribute to the external visibility of the department
    • To attend meetings and to participate (where necessary) in other committees and working groups within NUH
    • To ensure compliance with health and safety in all aspects of research work

Fellowship Supervisors

Dr Loon Seng Chee
MBBS (S'pore), MMed (Ophth), MRCS(Ed),
MMed (Clinical Epidemiology), FRCSEd, FAMS
Senior Consultant & Head, Glaucoma ,
Department of Ophthalmology, NUH

Assoc Professor Paul Chew
MBBS (S'pore), MMed (Ophth), FRCS (Ed), FRCOphth
Senior Consultant, Glaucoma ,
Department of Ophthalmology, NUH

Members of the glaucoma faculty

Prof Aung Tin

Dr Lennard Thean

Dr Chelvin Sng

Dr Cecil Aquino

Dr Ho Ching Lin (visiting consultant)


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