Safety Committee

1.0 Objective

The objective of the Department of Medicine Safety Committee is to promote a safe and healthy working environment for staff and students in the department.

The Safety Committee works to develop safety goals for the department. The committee’s dedication focuses on:

  1. Creating interest in workplace safety and health by engaging staff and students to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy workplace
  2. Evaluating and monitoring all safety-related incidents, injuries, accidents, and near misses (if any), and charting prevention strategies
  3. Promoting cooperation and coordination amongst staff and students
  4. Reviewing the department safety and health program and recommending improvements to management
  5. Compliance with NUS Safety and Health policy

2.0 Roles and Responsibilities of the Department Safety Committee

The Safety Committee is a key element to attaining continuous improvement in workplace safety and health, and an effective tool for resolving safety and health problems in the workplace. Comprising of appointed staff representatives of the Department of Medicine, the duties of the committee are summarized as follows:

  1. Establish annual department safety and health goals
  2. Review safety and health policies, practices and standard operating procedures
  3. Ensure all staff and students attend the relevant OSHE safety training courses and undergo on-the-job safety training programs
  4. Create a safety culture through promotion, education and motivating others to work safely
  5. Conduct regular workplace safety inspections in order to identify unsafe and unhealthy work conditions and practices, and recommend corrective measures to eliminate the hazards
  6. Respond to staff and students’ safety and health concerns and work with management to resolve them
  7. Investigate and review workplace accidents, incidents, injuries and near misses (if any) to identify their root causes, and recommend preventive measures
  8. Exercise emergency plans and conduct drills
  9. Contribute ideas and suggestions for improvements in workplace safety and health


Head of Department, Safety Chairperson

Associate Professor Dan Yock Young
6772 4354

Deputy Safety Chairperson

Ms Tham Yin Wei, Kris
6772 4738

Safety Advisor

Dr Zhou Lei
6601 5193

Administrative Support

Ms Peggy Teo
Assistant Manager
6772 5425

Ms Eryanna Binte Yunus
Assistant Manager
6772 5853

Safety Committee Members

Ms Yeo Soh Bee
Laboratory Technologist
6601 5195

Responsibility: Safety Coordinator, Chemical Safety, Safety Training & Lab Internal Audits

Ms Chow Wai Lyn, Adeline
Laboratory Technologist
6601 5194

Responsibility: Assistant Safety Coordinator, Secretary, Information and Communications & Lab Internal Audits

Ms Seet Bee Leng
Laboratory Technologist
6601 5193

Responsibility: Biological Safety

Ms Guo Yaling
Laboratory Technologist
6601 5194

Responsibility: Fire Safety

Ms Tong Koh Jong
Laboratory Technologist
6601 5193

Responsibility: Safety Promotional Activities

Ms Chew Soh Eng
Laboratory Technologist
6601 5194

Responsibility: Emergency Preparedness (MD1)

We welcome any suggestions or feedback to improve safety in our Department. Kindly drop us an email at