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Crossword Puzzle



  1. These items must be disposed in special bins
  2. All labs must keep this regarding all incidences of accidents in the laboratory
  3. These must be thoroughly washed before leaving the laboratory
  4. Workers handling lab animals must be vacinated against this
  5. For overnight operation of equipment, how many hours must it operate for under exact conditions before leaving it to run unattended?
  6. Carbon monoxide does not have colour and this
  7. These electrical items must not run along the floor where they will be a tripping hazard
  8. Operation of hot plates with corroded bimetallic thermostats can cause this
  9. This protection should be worn at all times when handling cryogenic liquids such as liquid nitrogen
  10. This must be worn to prevent contamination of the hands when conducting experiments in the lab
  11. Container of compressed gas which can pose both chemical and physical hazards
  12. Keep rotors of centrifuge clean and this to prevent corrosion
  13. Immediately begin this procedures under the direction of the Radiation Safety Officer if a spill involving radioisotopes occurred


  1. A periodic inventory of these materials in the laboratory must be maintained
  2. The microwave oven is often used to do this to solutions
  3. If heating devices such as hot plates & oven are this or damaged that its heating element is exposed, the device must be discarded or repaired before use again
  4. Experiments involving this which can be toxic or irritating must be conducted within a chemical fume hood
  5. Biological wastes must be decontaminated with 10% bleach before this
  6. Check electrical cables regularly for signs of wear and this
  7. Switch off defective equipment, this and tag it before sending for the service engineer
  8. Biological safety cabinet in short
  9. Buckets, safety trunnion cups, or heads must be this to prevent the escape of aerosols and liquids when using the centrifuge
  10. File a copy of this (abbreviation) for all laboratory chemicals
  11. This Act (abbreviation) controls environment pollution
  12. This is required for all storage vessels containing radioactive materials
  13. This filter is found in the biological safety cabinet

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