The Department of Medicine is dedicated to the provision of a healthy and safe work environment for all our staff, students and visitors who are performing research activities on our premises. We are also committed to providing sufficient resources and training programs for accident and injury prevention to ensure the health and safety of all our staff members as well as others who may be affected by their activities.

At the Department of Medicine, we recognize that safety begins with the coordinated effort and responsibility of all staff, students and visitors to the Department. Hence, we rely upon the initiative, cooperation and active participation of our staff and students, including visitors to adopt and maintain safe working practices and procedures as established in our Department’s safety and health policy which include the following:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental, health and safety laws, legal regulations and codes of practice that are implemented by the University,
  • Report, investigate and learn from previous health and safety incidents to minimise the potential of their recurrence,
  • Regularly review the effectiveness of the risk assessments and standard operating procedures to minimize hazards and risks,
  • Maintain proper safe laboratory working practices.

A Safe Today is A Safe Tomorrow. Let’s work together to create a healthier and safer working environment within the Department.

Associate Professor Dan Yock Young
Department of Medicine
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
National University of Singapore

We welcome any suggestions or feedback to improve safety in our Department. Kindly drop us an email at