Overall basic concept is a brief overview on philosophy, followed by a curriculum timetable.

Medicine’s Educational Philospophy

We aim to provide comprehensive education to our medical students to equip them with the requisite knowledge, skill and attitudes to function as competent and compassionate doctors for Singapore and the world.

In order to achieve this aim, the department is invested at all stages of the undergraduate curriculum, in developing and delivering the curriculum, and in assessment.

As far as possible, evidence-based pedagogical approaches are adopted to nurture constructive, contextual, collaborative, and self-directed learning. The focus in ongoing curriculum discourse is on both vertical and horizontal integration, and reinforcement through the adoption of a spiral curriculum.

Interest in specific areas of specialty and research are nurtured and encouraged, with a range of facilitative arrangements, grants and programmes.

The table below illustrates Medicine's current involvement in the YLLSOM curriculum. Click on the individual modules for further details. Modules in blue font are directed and run by the Department of Medicine.

Year Module Education/Program Director
Year 1 and 2

    Phase I Patient-based Program
    Prof Roy Joseph, Department of Paediatrics

    Phase I Longitudinal Patient Experience
    Dr Keith Lim, Division of Radiation Oncology

    Phase II Foundations in Aging Programme
    A/Prof Reshma A Merchant, Division of Geriatric Medicine

    Phase II Neuroscience Programme
    Dr Derek Soon, Division of Neurology

    Phase II Clinical Skills Foundation Programme
    A/Prof Poh Kian Keong, Department of Cardiology

    Phase I & II Collaborative Learning Cases
    Dr Derrick Aw, Division of Dermatology
    Dr Bettina Lieske from the Department of Surgery

    Year 3

    Medicine Clinical Posting
    Dr Sue-Ann Ho, Division of Dermatology
    Dr Low Seow Ping, Division of Respiratory & Critical Care

    Family Medicine Posting
    Dr Victor Loh, Division of Family Medicine

    Year 4
    Year 5

    Medicine Student Internship Program
    Dr Derek Soon, Division of Neurology
    Dr Teoh Chia Meng, Division of Respiratory & Critical Care

    Geriatric Medicine Student Internship Program
    Dr Santhosh Seetharaman, Division of Geriatric Medicine

    Infectious Diseases Student Internship Program
    Dr Jolene Oon, Division of Infectious Diseases


    3rd Year Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) Medicine Teaching Programme
    Dr Chan Koo Hui, Department of Cardiology