Nurturing Minds, Touching Lives

Post graduate studies in the Department of Medicine


Embarking on graduate study is a high point in an individual’s pursuit for intellectual and creative growth. It involves committed research in a specific subject matter and a strong level of engagement with fellow students, faculty members and other researchers. It is an intensive undertaking that provides candidates with exciting challenges and tremendous opportunities. With these factors in mind, the Department of Medicine of the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine offers its PhD programme, with the aim of transforming top calibre candidates into future research talents.

This PhD programme provides both a solid theoretical foundation and practical research experience. Candidates are put through a robust scientific research curriculum that equips them with critical know-how and research skills. However, what makes our programme so unique, compared to PhD programmes with other departments, is its ability to have a real impact on others’ lives. Candidates will work side-by-side medical staff and researchers, gaining access to real patients with real medical problems. Their passion and ability to create real solutions for these patients is the X-factor that distinguishes our PhD candidates from the Department of Medicine.

These individuals will be mentored by experienced faculty members. Many of them are leading experts in their own fields, who will share their wisdom and passion, as they work to create new knowledge and innovations in the field of modern medicine. In addition to their supervisors from within the department, the Department of Medicine’s PhD programme presents candidates with opportunities to work and collaborate with other departments and research institutes. Various imminent scientists hold adjunct positions within the Department of Medicine, including Prof Sydney Brenner (2002 Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine laureate), Prof Sir David Lane (Chief Scientist, Agency for Science Technology and Research), Prof Edison Liu (Executive Director, Genome Institute of Singapore) and Prof Yoshi Ito (Principal Investigator, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology). The programme has been designed to promote inter-disciplinary interactions and collaborations, providing a broader horizon of research experience and expertise. This is made possible due to strong relationships between the department and our esteemed colleagues from other departments, universities and research institutes.

This PhD programme is an exciting platform for would-be scientists, who are interested in applying their knowledge to solve unmet medical problems. Through our programme, we hope to improve the quality of life for our patients, make an impact upon the practice of medicine and translate research into real benefits for society.

Nurturing Minds contents

A heart to heart
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Combating diabetes
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Better healthcare solutions
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Finding…treating Liver Failure
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Bacteria Buster
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A mind for research ahead
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