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Safety Team Mission

To establish a culture of safety that supports and promotes excellent teaching & research through effective safety teams and safety role models, understanding policies and team activities.

Safety Team Vision

To be a leading teaching and research department that provides a safe and healthy environment for all.

Welcome by Head of Department

Professor Nicholas Robert John Gascoigne

Welcome to the Department of Microbiology and Immunology's Safety Portal. As a Department conducting research on infectious microbes, we are cognizant of the importance safety plays at our workplace. Besides laboratory research, safety is also relevant to teaching and administrative support. Whether we work in a safe environment depends on everyone playing their part. In order to instil a culture of safety, we have implemented a robust occupational, safety and health programme to increase awareness of safety and to ensure compliance to safety regulations. We have assembled a cohesive and committed Safety Committee to oversee fire, biological, chemical and general safety. Safety-related activities throughout the year include safety audits, inspections, training workshops and participation in safety awards. This ensures that as our Department strives for excellence in research, teaching and service, we pursue these aims in a safe and healthy environment.

Welcome by Safety Coordinator

Associate Professor Kevin Tan Shyong Wei

Safety plays a major, albeit unseen role in University life. Only when there is a lapse, and a horrific accident occurs, do we appreciate the importance of safety at our workplace. Our mission is to create a culture of safety such that these incidents are prevented from occurring, while providing a safe and healthy environment for all to work in. As Safety Coordinator, I am proud and honoured to be working alongside members of the Safety Committee who are deeply committed in ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for our staff and students. Our Department is ably supported by Safety Committees at the Deanery and University (OSHE) levels. This website serves as our Department's Safety Portal. It provides information and links on fire, biological, chemical and general safety, including NUS Policies on various safety aspects. There are also training videos and downloadable Departmental SOPs and RAs. I hope you will find this website useful. Remember, safety doesn't happen by accident!

Departmental Occupational Safety & Health Policy

The Safety and Health (S&H) Policy formally expresses the Department of Microbiology and Immunology’s overall objectives and commitment to preventing injury and ill health, improving Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) performance, as well as complying with applicable legislation, NUS Safety & Health Management System requirements and other requirements. The S&H Policy is signed by the Head of Department, Professor Nicholas Gascoigne. It is reviewed annually to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the department. Where necessary, the S&H Policy will be revised. The S&H Policy is communicated to our staff, students, visitors and all persons working under the control of the department, through the safety bulletin boards, safety website and through other means of communication such as safety email, etc.


To establish a culture of safety and wellness that supports and promotes excellent teaching and research. This is achieved through:
  • Effective safety teams and safety role models.
  • Understanding policies governing safety and through team activities – such as application for safety awards and implementation of innovative safety and wellness strategies.


  • To be a leading teaching and research department that provides a safe and healthy environment for all.


  • Improvements in communications, participations and wellness awareness to achieve ‘Safety is our Culture’.
  • To support, achieve and actualise Department Safety KPIs.


  • To achieve a continual improvement of equal or less than two medium level incidents/accidents in a year.
  • To achieve 100% Principal Investigators’ (PI) lab certification and surveillance audit without category A findings.
  • To design and fabricate a novel Chemical Transport Trolley to reduce the risk of chemical spill during transportation.
  • To identify and create SOPs and RAs for all laboratory techniques used in Life Science, Medical and Dental teaching modules to raise safety standard and awareness in practical classes.
  • To raise safety, health and wellness awareness through team activities and safety events.
  • To Improve communications and awareness on safety and health:
    • - To create a Safety and Health Suggestion Box
      - To hold Safety and Health Management meetings, every two months
      - To hold Safety and Health Committee meetings, every two months
  • To conduct Departmental Safety and Health training sessions to staff and students.
  • To support inter-departmental collaborations on safety and health issues.
  • To provide adequate resources to fund safety related commitments.
  • Authorized and reviewed annually by:

    Prof. Nicholas Gascoigne
    Head of Department
    Safety Chairperson

    A/Prof. Kevin SW Tan
    Safety Coordinator

    Mrs. Phoon Meng Chee
    Deputy Safety Coordinator

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