Research Themes

Microbiology / Infectious Disease

Antimicrobial Gene Structure and Function Analysis (Assoc Prof Sim Tiow Suan)
Bacterial pathogenesis (Dr. John Chen)
Bacterial Cell Envelope and Antibiotic Development (Dr. Chris Sham)
Design of ribonucleic acids (RNA) (Dr. Volker Patzel)
Erythrocytic Immunobiology (Dr. Benoit Malleret)
Hepatitis B Virus and Bone Marrow Registry (Assoc Prof Ren Ee Chee)
Hepatitis Viruses And Newly Emerged Viruses (Assoc Prof Tan Yee Joo)
Microbe Host Interactions and Probiotics (Assoc Prof Lee Yuan Kun)
Molecular Genetics and Infectomics (Assoc Prof Vincent T. K. Chow)
Molecular Parasitology (Assoc Prof Kevin S. W. Tan)
Molecular RNA Virology and Anti-viral strategies (Assoc Prof Justin Chu Jang Hann)
Transcriptional Regulation (Assoc Prof Norbert Lehming)


DC Biology and Viral Antigen Delivery (Assoc Prof Paul MacAry)
DC Migration (Assoc Prof Veronique Angeli)
Host-Pathogen Interactions, Live Vaccines (Assoc Prof Sylvie Alonso)
Signal Transduction (Assoc Prof Zhang Yongliang)
Antinuclear autoimmunity, nucleolus, complement C1 proteases, SLE (Assoc Prof Lu Jinhua)
T cell biology (T cell antigen recognition, thymocyte development,
live-cell imaging of molecular interactions)
(Prof Nicholas Gascoigne)
Tumor-promoting inflammation and immunotherapy (Assoc Prof Liu Haiyan)