Profile of the Month

Sylvie Alonso

Associate Professor
Department of Microbiology and Immunology


Host-Pathogen Interactions, Live Vaccines

Our research interests involve exploring host-pathogen interactions in order to better understand the role of bacterial/viral virulence factors in pathogenicity and in the induction of host (immune) responses. In particular, we currently focus on the mechanisms involved in i) persistence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, ii) neurovirulence/neurotropism of Enterovirus 71, and iii) Dengue disease severity. In addition to in vitro cell culture systems, we have developed and established mouse models of infection. This has led us to offer these mouse models of infection for in vivo efficacy testing of drug candidates. In particular, our dengue asymptomatic transient viremia mouse models as well as our symptomatic models upon primary dengue infection or in the context of circulating enhancing antibodies have attracted many collaborations and partnerships with academic and private sectors both locally and internationally.