Student Research Thesis

No Name Degree Dated Joined Date Awarded Thesis Title
1 Zhang PengChi MSc 24-May-99 18-Dec-01 Histology and immune response of human palatine tonsil in recurrent tonsillitis and tonsillar hypertrophy
2 Huang Zhili MSc 9-Jul-99 29-Jan-02 Objective and functional studies of the nasal airway – Application of acoustic Rhinometry and Rhinomanometry
3 Chen Zhi Qiang PhD 25-Aug-99 24-Aug-04 Companisions of pharmacokinetics of caroveriin, corticosteroids, nitroglycerin and lidocaine into the inner ear between their application on the round window membrane of the cochlea and when administered intravenously in guniea pig
4 Liu Xin MSc 3-Jan-00 2-Jan-03 Protection and regeneration of cochlea
5 Hao Jing PhD 3-Jan-00 25-Jul-05 Role of allergy and mucosal inflammation in nasal polyps and chronic sinusicis
6 Liang Xiao Hui PhD 3-Jan-00 13-Mar-07 Evalution of the impact of polymorphisms on candidate genes of allergic rhinitis and asthma in Singapore population
7 Low Wong Kein PhD 17-Jan-01 30-Jun-07 Effect of Radiation on the sensory-nerual auditory system and the clinical implication
8 MD Tanveer Raza MSc 22-Jul-02 30-Jun-06 Validation of acoutivc rhinometry in objective assessment of nasal airway: Standardization of measurement and applicability
9 Li Chun Wei PhD 2-Jan-03 30-Dec-09 Molecular Mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of nasal polyposis and their response to steroid treatment
10 Annette Ang Hui Chi MSc 28-Jul-03 31-Oct-06 Nasal Polyposis: An immunohistochemical study of cell cycle regulator proteins in epithelial proliferation
11 Qingying Meng PhD 2-Jan-04 8-Aug-08 Mitochondna integrity and antioxidative enzyme efficiency in the aging process and epigallocatechin-3-gallae intervention
12 Chen Jie PhD 2-Jan-04 2-Apr-09 Effects of grape seed extract and calorie restriction on aging process
13 Tang Bin MSc 4-Aug-04 27-Jan-06 A study on Wireless Hearing Aids system Configuration and Simulation
14 Li Cheng Da MSc 3-Oct-07 25-Apr-08 In vitro human lymphocytes responses to house dust mite challenge pattern of cytokine production and phosphor-protein expression
15 Li Ying Ying PhD 6-Aug-10 31-Dec-14 Study of human nasal epithelial stem or progenitor cell growth and differentiation in an in vitro system
16 Liu Jing PhD 5-Aug-13 expected by Aug2018 Effect and Underlying Mechanisms of Intereleukin-13(IL13) on the Biological Functions of Nasal Epithelium