Phase IV Clinical Posting


The Department's main focus is on the undergraduate program in Otolaryngology. Our involvement is in the Otolaryngology module for 300 4th year Medical students. These 300 students rotate every 2 weeks for 24 weeks. We teach a group of 16–27 students every 2 weeks.

The undergraduate program starts from July to January of the academic year. Our Department conducts introductory teaching sessions on the 2nd day of rotation for the scheduled group of students. The lesson included basics examination on the head and neck, common otolaryngology problems such as hearing loss, otorrhea, nasal discharge and obstruction, epistaxis, allergies and head and neck lumps.

The goal of the 2 week program is to introduce the students to common otolaryngology problems, to recognize normal anatomy in the head and neck and to be able to perform a general head and neck examination.

Students will undergo their End-of-Posting Test at the end of their particular 6-week-block of Phase IV specialty posting rotation. The top 3 of each cohort will advance to later participate in the annual ENT Bookprize Competition held at the end of the academic year.

We are also responsible for the module in Otolaryngology for over 50 Dental students, the Master of Medicine in Otolaryngology, Masters in Speech Language pathology, Masters of Science, and the National Otolaryngology Residency program