ENT Bookprize Competition

Otolaryngology Society Undergraduate Prize

In 1995, Prof Gibb approached Dr Kunaratnam, the President of the Singapore Society of Otolaryngology with a view to obtaining funds for a prize for annual competition by the undergraduate students. As a result of the generosity of the Society together with a valuable additional donation from the Department of Otolaryngology at NUS, it was possible to set up an endowment fund to finance the award.

The objectives behind the award were as follows: – firstly to raise the image of otolaryngology in the eyes of the university and the general public. It was hoped that the prize, like that in ophthalmology, would be awarded or listed at the final MB Convocation, but regrettably for unexplained logistical reasons, this did not occur: secondly to emphasize the importance of otolaryngology to the undergraduate student and encourage interest, thereby increasing the chances of recruiting good trainees into the specialty, who would in future maintain a high standard of otolaryngology in Singapore: thirdly, to reward the efforts of the best student of the year with a tangible and permanent memento.

It was hoped initially to hold a special exam in the form of a 2 hours' written session. However, the undergraduate schedule was so crowded that it was considered more practicable to select a subject and allow the student to research and write an essay in his/her own time. The best student in each posting was eligible to compete for the award. All the students, as expected, took the exam seriously and the standard proved to be high. The winning student was awarded a cheque for $250 to be spent on a book of his/her choice. The book was duly signed by the examiners prior to presentation.

The winner of the contest, in addition the receiving a cheque for the Otolaryngological Society Prize was also presented with a gold medal and had his/her name inscribed on a handsome trophy designed by Mr Gerard Chee, Associate Consultant in the NUH department and produced and financed by Glaxo Smith Kline & Beecham.

ENT Society Bookprize Challenge Trophy
Supported by GlaxoWellcome
Year Winner
2018 Chern Zer Rong Beverlyn
2017 Chern Zer Hui Belinda
2016 Tiffany Bong Sin Hui
2015 Shen Tong
2014 Guo Yuxiao
2013 Tay Kaijun
2012 Yeo Wei Xin
2011 Thng Zheng Xian
2010 Tay Zhi En Amos
2009 Khoo Yi Ivan
2008 Wong Ru Xin
2007 Chan Ching Yee
2006 Edward Zhang Zhiyong
2005 Ng Li Shia
2004 Alvin Tan Chin Kwong
2003 Valerie Tay Su-Lin
2002 Foo Chong Wee
2001 Tan Lee Ser Felicia
2000 See Kay Choong
1999 Soh Shui Yen
1997 Teo Chin Ghee, Jeremy
1996 Chua Swee Boon, Raymond