Mental Health

Course Commencement Exam Contacts
September of each year
(1 year part-time)
Module Exams at the end of each module
Final Exams (November)
Ms Lili Chua
Tel: 6516 6542

Application Forms can be downloaded here


Intake Date:

The course commences in September every year and is conducted once yearly.

Closing Date of Application:

Saturday, 1 July 2017, 12 noon

Course Objective:

The Graduate Diploma in Mental Health (GDMH), offered by the Division of Graduate Medical Studies (DGMS), National University of Singapore, in conjunction with Institute of Mental Health (IMH), aims to increase the capability of general practitioners (GPs) in mental healthcare by training them appropriately for the role to detect and treat minor mental health disorders in the community.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • A recognised basic medical degree qualification registered with the Singapore Medical Council
  • General Practitioners who have completed housemanship or non-traditional source medical officers
  • General Practitioners with an interest in Mental Health, including GPs on Mental Health – GP Partnership Programme

Course Structure:

The course comprises 6 modules as follows:

Module 1 Introduction to Psychiatry
Module 2 Psychosis
Module 3 Mood, Anxiety and Grief
Module 4 Addiction/ Personality Disorders
Module 5 Child and Adolescent Mental Health including Learning Disabilities
Module 6 Psychogeriatrics

The first month in each module comprises weekly classroom sessions on Saturday afternoons. In the second month, candidates will self-study and complete case write-up. General Practitioners have completed Introductory Training to GPS conducted by IMH may qualify for exemption under Module 1, upon clearance of a written test.

The course syllabus will be covered by lecturers, reading materials, video and live supervision, journal discussion, case vignettes, clinical attachment and/or self-study. Clinical attachment will be available with close supervision and guidance from IMH’s doctors.


Graduate in Mental Health will be assessed in the following way unless otherwise stated:

  • Final Examination : 40%
  • Continuous Assessment (CA) : 60%
  • Total Assessment : 100%
Continuous assessment comprises case discussion, case write-up and module examination.

Candidates must complete the following assignments and/or class participation to be eligible for module examinations:

  • Case write-up (applicable to Module 2 to 6 only)
  • Case discussion/ case vignettes/ live supervision (applicable to Module 2 to 6 only)
  • 75% classroom attendance (for all Modules)
  • Clinical attachments (Applicable to Module 2, 3, 4 and 5 only)
  • Participation in case discussion/ case vignettes/ live supervision (applicable to Module 2 to 6 only)

Candidates must pass all continuous assessments to be eligible for the final examination.

Candidates must meet minimum passing criteria for every assessment component within each module to be considered as having passed that module. Candidates who fail to meet the minimum passing criteria for any assessment component in the module shall re-take the failed module at the next course intake.


All applications and fees must reach IMH by the closing date as stipulated above. Late or incomplete applications will not be entertained and will be returned to applicant. Applications received through fax or email will not be accepted. The following documents must be submitted to IMH by the closing date:

  • Graduate Diploma in Mental Health application form, duly completed
  • 2 passport-sized photographs
  • Certified true copy of following documents:
    • Basic medical degree certificate (MBBS)
    • NRIC : for locals / Permanent Residents
    • Employment Pass and Passport : for foreigners (residing in Singapore)
    • Cheque payable to ‘Institute of Mental Health’ for course fee

Late application will be not be accepted. The programme administrator is not obliged to give reasons for rejected applications. Applicants will be informed by post on the outcome of their application.

Photocopies of certificates and/or official translations (in English)* including any other offical supporting documents will be accepted only if they have been prepared and/or authenticated by one of the following:

  • the issuing University or Medical School;
  • Medical Council of which you are registered and licensed to practice
  • Government Ministries of Health;
  • a notary public or Justice of the Peace;
  • Division of Graduate Medical Studies (DGMS) - For authentication by DGMS office, original certificates and documents must be produced.

* Candidates must submit an authenticated translation if their official supporting documents is not in English. A fresh ink stamp must be used to authenticate the copy or translation of the primary medical qualification.

Candidates who fail to present their original documents for verification without acceptable reasons will not be admitted to the examination.

Candidates whose original documents have been damaged or misplaced must apply to the relevant organizations / authorities for replacements or letters of verification.

IMH and DGMS reserve the right to withdraw an offer for course admission and cancel enrolment of an applicant where such offer was made on the basis of incomplete or inaccurate information supplied by applicant.


Candidates who are successfully complete the six modules and final examination will be awarded the Graduate Diploma in Mental Health. The course fee for Graduate Diploma in Mental Health is $6,420 (GST inclusive). The Ministry of Health (MOH) will be providing 80% subsidy to general practitioners applying for this upcoming intake (Full course enrollment only). MOH will be subsidising $5,136 course fee to all eligible applicants upon completion of the final examination.

Applicants shall send in one cheque for the chargeable fee below. The Exam Admin Fee of $600 will be paid to NUS directly via online registration and payment. NUS will notify all course participants in due course via email on when to make this payment.

(A) Chargeable Fees are stated per the table below. Total Payment shall be made via cheque addressing to “Institute of Mental Health”.

Full Course
- $6,694.50 (Application received by IMH from 27 March - 31 May 2017 will enjoy early bird rate)
- $6,837.50 (Application received by IMH from 1 June 2017 onwards)

Full Course with Module 1 exemption
-$5,624.50 ( Application received by IMH from 27 March - 31 May 2017 will enjoy early bird rate)
-$5,767.50 ( Application received by IMH from 1 June 2017 onwards)

(B) Exam Admin Fees Participants will be required to pay $600 exam admin fees to NUS via the NUS online system upon successful online registration. NUS will notify all course participants in due course via email on when this payment should be made.
All applicants must abide by the Terms and Conditions stated in the application form. The closing date for GDMH application is 1st July 2017. Please ensure that your cheque payment is attached with your application form. Please ensure that copies of your basic medical degree/other medical qualifications are stamped ‘certified true copy’.

Registration Fee (non-refundable)

(Early bird rate if application received by IMH from 27 March - 31 May 2017)

$250 (Application received by IMH from 1 June 2017 onwards)

Course Fee (for all 6 modules) $6,420
(MOH subsidises 80% of the course fee. Course fee will be reimbursed to all candidates upon successful completion of the final exam)
Exam Admin Fee (for all 6 modules) $600
(Exam admin fee shall be paid to National University of Singapore separately. Successful applicants will be notified by NUS for exam admin fee payment via email. This will be an online payment)
Book Fee (Module 1) $70.00
(“Essential Guide to Pyschiatry”)
Book Fee (Module 2) $15.50
(“Delusions, Possession or Imagination?”)
Book Fee (Module 5) $82.00
(“A Premier of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry”)

NUS & IMH reserve the right to make any amendments to the course structure and fees without prior notification or whatsoever to the parties involved.

Note: MOH sponsors 80% of the course fee (GST inclusive). MOH’s subsidy will be reimbursed to all eligible applicants upon successful completion of the final exam.


  • Fees are inclusive of 7% GST
  • Payment modes: cheque/bank draft only
  • If you are paying by cheque/bank draft, please indicate your name, contact number and name of exam at the back of each cheque / bank draft
  • All fees are subject to changes without prior notice, and must be paid at the time of application


A 10% administrative fee per module ($107) will be imposed on candidates who wished to defer any module. Please be informed that this fee is non-refundable. Candidate is required to inform the GDMH administrator on the request and fill up the deferment form at least 3 months before the module. The request is subject to Programme Director’s approval, on a case–by–case basis.

Withdrawal Policy:

Request for withdrawal must be made in writing to the Programme Director. Policies for course fee refund are as follows:

  • 100% refund if the request for course withdrawal is made in writing more than 30 calendar days before course commencement
  • 90% refund if the request for course withdrawal is made in writing no less than 15 calendar days before course commencement
  • Strictly no refund on fees if request for course withdrawal is less than 15 calendar days before course commencement and/or after the course commences
Note: Calendar days include Saturday and Sunday.

Please send the completed application form together with payment, before closing date, to

Nirhana Binte Japar (Ms) / Ms Tan Yen Nee (Ms)
Institute of Mental Health (IMH)
Buangkok Green Medical Park
10 Buangkok View, Singapore 539747
Tel: (65) 6389 2831 / 6389 2246, Fax: (65) 6389 2834
Email: /