Master of Science (Speech & Language Pathology)

Academic Curriculum

The academic curriculum spans across five range indicators for both child and adult populations in:


There are 11 Academic Modules, covering Normal Processes (SLP 5101, SLP 5102), Breakdown Processes (SLP 5105, SLP 5106, SLP 5107, SLP 5108) and Therapeutic intervention (SLP 5110, SLP 5111, SLP 5114, SLP 5115) for all the range indicators. The academic modules of the NUS MSc (Speech & Language Pathology) Programme are based on a series of about 40 Problem-Based Learning (PBL) clinical cases covering swallowing, language, speech, voice and fluency for adults and children. Some of these cases have been developed by NUS teaching staff and depict Singaporean clients, local culture and rehabilitation approaches. The PBL approach supports students' clinical reasoning and problem-solving skills as they develop theoretical foundation relevant to clinical issues. This enables a relatively seamless integration of academic work into the clinical settings where students will assess and treat real clients during clinical placements. Importantly, through PBL, students also acquire life-long learning skills, which include the ability to find and use appropriate and current learning resources. Click here to read more about our PBL approach.