Master of Science (Speech and Language Pathology)

Division of Graduate Medical Studies

A Fulfilling Career in Healthcare

Communication includes speaking, listening, reading, writing, signing and gesture. Language acquisition problems affect 7% children worldwide, and can lead to life-long under-achievement as well as behavioural and emotional disturbance. For children and adults, acquired speech-language and swallowing disorders are common after a head injury or stroke, and can be a consequence of surgery for tumours.

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are trained to assess and treat disorders that affect a person’s speech, language, cognition, fluency, voice, social interaction and swallowing (dysphagia).
They work with clients across the life span and in many different settings, e.g. public and private sector, hospitals and clinics, special schools and rehabilitation centres.

Please visit the SHAS (Speech-Language and Hearing Association of Singapore) website to learn more about the scope of this profession and its practice in Singapore.


Applications for January 2017 intake will commence on 1st February 2016.

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