Academic Staff




Tel: +65 6601 3729
Office: MD10 #04-01M

Research Interests
  • Use of interactive multimedia tools in teaching human anatomy.
  • Special interest: Clinical Anatomy as relevant to practise of Emergency Medicine.
  • To study molecular mechanisms of peritoneal wound healing following abdominal surgery with particular reference to immune-modulation following Surgery, Sepsis & Inflammation.
  • Biological basis for exercise induced neuro-protection and memory enhancement.
Current Projects
  • The effects of exercise on the aging brain: Implications for neurodegenerative diseases.
    Co-Principal Investigator (PI: Dr. Eng Tat).
Selected Publications
  • Thwin, M.M., S. Satyanarayanajois, L. Nagarajarao, K. Sato, P. Arjunan, Satish R.L., et al. "Novel Peptide Inhibitors of Human sPLA2 with Anti-inflammatory Activity: Solution Structure and Molecular Modeling". J Med Chem 2007; 50: 5938-5950.
  • Thwin, M.M., E. Douni, V. Aidinis, G. Kollias, K. Kodama, K. Sato, Satish R.L, R. Mahendran, et al. "Effect of Phospholipase A2 Inhibitory Peptide on Inflammatory Arthritis in a TNF Transgenic Mouse Model: a Time-course Ultra Structural Study". Arthritis Res Ther 2004; 6(3):R282-294.
  • Thwin, M.M., Satish R.L, S.T.F. Chan, et al. "Functional Site of Endogenous Inhibitors from Snake Sera: PLA2 Binding and Anti-inflammatory Activity". Eur J Biochem, 2002; 269; 719-727.
  • Alponat A., Satish R.L., S.T.F. Chan, et al. "Effects of Physical Barriers in Prevention of Adhesions: An Incisional Hernia Model in Rats". J Surg Res 1997; 68:126-32.
  • Alponat A., Satish R.L., et al. "Prevention of Adhesions by Seprafilm, an Absorbable Adhesion Barrier: An Incisional Hernia Model in Rats". Am Surg 1997; 63:818-819.
  • Satish R.L., L. Yongjian, R. Mahendran, P. Prithija, T. Ming, C. Tsang, S.T.F. Chan, M.M Thwin, P. Gopalakrishnakone, E.J.D. Lee. "Peritoneal Adhesion Formation and Mesothelial Cell Regeneration in the Presence of Prosthetic Mesh: An Experimental Study in Rats". Annals of Surgery. (Manuscript under revision.)
  • VGM Naidu, MM Thwin, KRD Babu, Satish R.L, DNP Doan, PV Kumar, Gopalakrishnakone.P "RANKL targeted peptides inhibit osteoclastogenesis and attenuate adjuvant induced arthritis by inhibiting NFkB activation and down regulating inflammatory cytokines".(Manuscript under revision).
Honours & Awards
  • Finalist, "NUH - NMRC Young Scientist Award Competition -1997"
  • Awarded NUS - Research Scholarship (1996-2000) to pursue Ph.D.
  • Jindal Merit Scholarship, 1987-1990 to pursue MBBS at Bangalore Medical College.
  • Government Merit Scholarship, 1985-1988 to pursue MBBS at Bangalore Medical College.
Professional Organizations
  • Reviewer, Singapore Medical Journal
  • Member, Singapore Neuroscience Association
  • Member, Karnataka Medical Council
  • President – NUS Graduate Students Society-1998
  • Secretary – NUS Graduate Students Society-1997
  • Chairperson – NUS Eusoff College Orientation Committee-1997
  • Secretary, Junior Doctors' Association, Bangalore Medical College, 1991
Other Likes
  • Running: Completed International Marathon (42kms) on 3 occasions:1996,1997,&2009.
  • Participate in health camps for the under privileged organised by medical students
  • Actively organise & participate in blood donation drives