Academic Staff

Associate Professor
NG Yee Kong

(PhD; BDS)

Tel: +65 6516 3689
Office: MD10 #04-01E

Research Interests

My major research interest is in studying the mechanisms and factors involved in neurodegeneration and neuroprotection in various conditions in the mammalian nervous system. Various animal models have been used to study diverse aspects as well as factors that may be involved in the neurodegenerative processes.

Broadly, these areas of research could be categorised as follows:

  • Stroke-induced neurodegeneration in the central nervous system (CNS) and extra-focal areas, possible neuroprotective roles of physical exercise and ischemic preconditioning as well as their underlying mechanisms.
  • Neurodegeneration in the visual system in visual pathologies such as diabetic retina-neuronopathy and glaucoma, which are major causes of blindness in developed countries.
  • Biology of glial cells, in particular, microglia and its possible roles in neuro-degeneration or -regeneration in the above-mentioned experimental models.
Selected Publications
  • Ang ET, Dawe GS, Wong PT, Moochhala S, Ng YK. Alterations in spatial learning and memory after forced exercise. Brain Res. 2006 Oct 3;1113(1):186-93.
  • Ng YK, Brailoiu GC, Dun SL, Ling EA, Yang J, Chang JK, Dun NJ. Beacon immunoreactivity in the rat hypothalamus. J Neurosci Res. 2006 May 1;83(6):1106-17.
  • Xu M, Wai-Cheong Yip G, Gan LT, Ng YK. Distinct roles of oxidative stress and antioxidants in the nucleus dorsalis and red nucleus following spinal cord hemisection. Brain Res. 2005 Sep 7;1055(1-2):137-42.
  • Wang X, Wang C, Zeng J, Xu X, Hwang PY, Yee WC, Ng YK, Wang S. Gene transfer to dorsal root ganglia by intrathecal injection: effects on regeneration of peripheral nerves. Mol Ther. 2005 Aug;12(2):314-20.
  • Ang ET, Wong PT, Moochhala S, Ng YK. Cytokine changes in the horizontal diagonal band of Broca in the septum after running and stroke: a correlation to glial activation. Neuroscience. 2004;129(2):337-47.
  • Hu J, Chin CM, Png JC, Ng YK, Ling EA. The effect of chronic bladder outlet obstruction on neuronal nitric oxide synthase expression in the intramural ganglia of the guinea pig bladder. J Urol. 2004 Sep;172(3):1160-5.
  • Ng YK, Zeng XX, Ling EA. Expression of glutamate receptors and calcium-binding proteins in the retina of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Brain Res. 2004 Aug 20;1018(1):66-72.
  • Liao DM, Ng YK, Tay SS, Ling EA, Dheen ST. Altered gene expression with abnormal patterning of the telencephalon in embryos of diabetic Albino Swiss mice. Diabetologia. 2004 Mar;47(3):523-31.
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  • Hu QD, Ang BT, Karsak M, Hu WP, Cui XY, Duka T, Takeda Y, Chia W, Sankar N, Ng YK, Ling EA, Maciag T, Small D, Trifonova R, Kopan R, Okano H, Nakafuku M, Chiba S, Hirai H, Aster JC, Schachner M, Pallen CJ, Watanabe K, Xiao ZC. F3/contactin acts as a functional ligand for Notch during Oligodendrocyte maturation. Cell. 2003 Oct 17;115(2):163-75.
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  • Wang X, Tay SS, Ng YK. An immunohistochemical study of neuronal and glial cell reactions in retinae of rats with experimental glaucoma. Exp Brain Res. 2000 Jun;132(4):476-84.
  • Zeng XX, Ng YK, Ling EA. Neuronal and microglial response in the retina of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Vis Neurosci. 2000 May-Jun;17(3):463-71.
Honours & Awards
  • NUS Outstanding Tutor Award 2014
  • Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, Dentistry (AY 2013/2014)
  • Annual Teaching Excellence Award, NUS (AY 2011/2012, 2012/2013)
  • Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, Science (AY 2006/2007)
  • JSPS-NUS Core University Exchange Fellowship at RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan 2001
  • Tratman Medal 1989 – Awarded to the Most Distinguished Graduate in Dentistry
  • NUS Undergraduate Scholarship 1988
  • NUS Dental Society Silver Jubilee Award 1988
Public / Community Services
  • Clinical Adviser for the Shan You Counseling Centre
  • Member of the School Management Committee, Mahabodhi Primary School (2004-2006)
  • Member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), Disciplinary Committee.