Academic Staff

Emertius Professor
LING Eng Ang

(DSc; PhD; BSc)

Tel: +65 6516 3203
Office: MD10 #04-01A

Research Interests
  • Microglial cells in the central nervous system
    The  development and roles of microglial cells in neurodegeneration and regeneration in acute and chronic lesions in the brain and spinal cord in different experimental models e.g. occlusion of middle cerebral artery.
Current Projects
  • Notch-1 signaling and its interrelationship with NFkB/p65 pathway in microglia
Areas of Collaborative Research
  • Traumatic brain injuries in rodents
Selected Publications
  • Kan EM, E A Ling and J Lu (2010) Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury. Current Medicinal Chemistry 17(36):4492-4510.
  • Shidou Zhao, Qiuhuan Yuan, Yuji Guo, Shangming  Liu, Yanmin Zhang, Jianli Wang, Huijuan Liu, Fuwu Wang, Kai Liu, Eng-Ang Ling and Aijun Hao  (2010) Expression of OCT4 pseudogenes: Lessons from glioma and breast carcinoma. Journal of Pathology 223 (5): 672-682
  • Cao Q, P Li, J Lu, S T Dheen, C Kaur and EA Ling* (2010).  NF-κB/p65 responds to changes in the Notch signaling pathway in murine BV-2 cells and in amoeboid microglia in postnatal rats treated with the γ-secretase complex blocker– DAPT.  Journal of Neuroscience Research 88: 2701-2714
  • Li P, J Lu, C Kaur, V Sivakumar, KL Tan and EA Ling (2009) Expression of Cox-1/-2, mPGES and EP2 and regulation of inflammatory mediators by PGE2 in the amoeboid microglia in hypoxic postnatal rats and murine BV-2 cells. Neuroscience 164:948-962.
  • Wu CY, C Kaur, J Lu, Q Cao, CH Guo, Y Zhou, S Viswanathan and EA Ling (2006). Transient expression of endothelins in the amoeboid microglial cells in the developing rat brain. Glia 54: 513-525.
  • Xue LP, J Lu, Q Cao, C Kaur and EA Ling (2006). Nestin expression in Müller glial cells in postnatal rat retina and its upregulation following optic nerve transection. Neuroscience 139:723-732.
  • D Fu, YK Ng, P Gan and EA Ling. Permanent occlusion of the middle cerebral artery upregulates expressioin of cytokines and neuronal nitric oxide synthase in the spinal cord and urinary bladder in the adult. Neuroscience 125 (2004): 819-831 (UK).
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  • Ling E A, J A Paterson, A Privat, S Mori and C P. Leblond Investigation of glial cells in semithin sections. 1. Identification of glial cells in the brain of young rats. Journal of Comparative Neurology 149 (1973): 43-72 (USA)
Honours & Awards
  • Research Excellence Award 2004/2005 (Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine)
Other Appointments
  • Honorary Professor of Anatomy, Kunming Medical College, China from 2003
  • Reviewer for major international anatomy and neuroscience journals