Academic Staff

BAY Boon Huat



Tel: +65 6516 6139
Office: MD10 #04-01N

Research Interests
  • The theme of my research is on the biology of cancers, in particular the utility of biological markers of malignancy.  Histopathological examination is currently still the gold standard for cancer diagnosis. However, biological  markers are playing an increasingly important role in cancer management. Understanding the  biological profiles of  a cancer would  better define its natural and clinical history, and consequently, the likely  course of the  disease. In this regard, a major focus of my group is to  investigate biological markers as  prognostication factors and in the  prediction of survival and response to therapy.  Better characterization of individual patient’s prognosis could aid in clinical  management and enable insightful personal decision-making.
  • Drug design based on tumor biology and molecular-targeted cancer therapy.
  • Nanotoxicology and emerging pollutants
Current Projects
  • Peroxiredoxin III as a prognostic marker and therapeutic applications in breast cancer
  • EMT-mediated breast cancer metastasis mediated by Y-Box binding Protein 1
  • Evaluation and screening of scorpion sodium channel toxins for potential antitumor activity (in collaboration with Prof P Gopalakrishnakone).
  • Nanotoxicology of gold and silver nanoparticles (in collaboration with A/P Lanry Yung). This study investigates the  cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of gold nanoparticles on  lung epithelial  cells and fibroblasts.
  • Potential health impacts of urban aerosols and emerging pollutants (engineered nanoparticles) in Singapore (in collaboration with A/P Liya Yu and Prof Ong Choon Nam)
Areas of Collaborative Research
  • Electron microscopy studies in autophagy with Prof Paul Yen, Duke-NUS.
Selected Publications
  • Teng YH, Tan WJ, Thike AA, Cheok TY, Tse GM, Wong NS, Yip GW, Bay BH, Tan PH. Mutations in the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene in triple negative breast cancer: possible implications for targeted therapy. Breast Cancer Res. 2011 Apr 1;13(2):R35
  • Fan HM, Olivo M, Shuter B, Yi JB, Bhuvaneswari R, Tan HR, Xing GC, Ng CT, Liu L, Lucky SS, Bay BH, Ding J. Quantum dot capped magnetite nanorings as high performance nanoprobe for multiphoton fluorescence and magnetic resonance imaging. J Am Chem Soc. 2010 Oct 27;132(42):14803-11
  • Lwin ZM, Guo C, Salim A, Yip GW, Chew FT, Nan J, Thike AA, Tan PH, Bay BH. Clinicopathological significance of calreticulin in breast invasive ductal carcinoma. Mod Pathol. 2010 Dec;23(12):1559-66
  • Toh PP, Li JJ, Yip GW, Lo SL, Guo CH, Phan TT, Bay BH.Modulation of metallothionein isoforms is associated with collagen deposition in proliferating keloid fibroblasts in vitro. Exp Dermatol. 2010 Nov;19(11):987-93
  • Tay WL, Yip GW, Tan PH, Matsumoto K. Yeo R, Ng TP, Kumar SD, Tsujimoto M, Bay BH. Y-Box-binding protein-1 is a promising predictive marker of radioresistance and chemoradioresistance in nasopharyngeal cancer. Mod Pathol.2009 Feb;22(2):282-90.
  • Du HY, Olivo M, Mahendran R, Huang Q, Shen HM, Ong CN, Bay BH. Hypericin photoactivation triggers down-regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression in well-differentiated human nasopharyngeal cancer cells. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2007 Apr;64(7-8):979-88
Honours & Awards
  • Singapore National Day Award 2013 Public Administration (Bronze)
  • Faculty Outstanding Researcher Award 2007
  • Awarded the Excellent Teacher Award (Top 100) AY 2003/2004 of NUS.
  • Awarded Faculty Teaching Excellence Award AY 2003/2004 in Faculty of Medicine of NUS.
  • Awarded Faculty Teaching Excellence Award AY 2003/2004 in Faculty of Science of NUS.
  • Awarded the Excellent Teacher Award (Top 100) AY 2002/2003 of NUS.
  • Awarded Faculty Teaching Excellence Award AY 2004/2005 in Faculty of  Science of NUS
  • JSPS Fellowship at RIKEN Institute, Japan 2001 and 2010
  • Commonwealth Medical Fellowship at Oxford University (1993-1994)
Other Appointments
  • Member of the Faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee, NUS
  • Editorial Board Member, Current Medicinal Chemistry
  • Editorial Board Member, Anatomical Sciences Education
Professional Organizations
  • Past President - Microscopy Society (Singapore) (1998-2000; 2001-2002)