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Dissection classes make comeback at NUS

(Straits Times 06 Nov 2017)

Rise in number of donated cadavers makes medical elective possible

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Opening of Human Anatomy Teaching Facility

The Human Anatomy Teaching Facility was officially opened by the Minister of Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong on 17 March 2016.







2016年3月17日 LianHe Papers 17-Mar 2016



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  • Medical students in Singapore face shortage of "silent mentors" (more...)
  • Medical students in Singapore face shortage of cadavers - a crucial learning tool The NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine only received six cadavers from the Health Sciences Authority this year. The shortage of cadavers means medical schools have to find ways to maximise this precious resource. (more...)
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    星期二特写 "死亡回馈" TuesdayReport: Voices of the Heart, Episode 7 – In the Face of Death
  • 《死亡三部曲》 大家听过《遗体捐赠》body donation 吗?那是人死后,把遗体捐献给医学院给学生当教材。捐赠的遗体称为"大体老师","无语良师" 或 "Silent Mentor". 今晚节目为您讲述一个"大体老师"的故事。"遗体捐赠"背后牵系的是家属既悲喜又复杂的情绪。在此提醒大家,今晚观看节目时,情绪也许会被故事,随之波动。



  • SINGAPORE: The body of SingHealth Polyclinics chief executive officer Dr Tan Chee Beng was donated on Thursday to the National University of Singapore's (NUS) Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine to teach anatomy. Fifty-year-old Dr Tan died from prostate cancer two days ago and continued to contribute to the field of medicine with the donation. His son Benjamin Tan, who studies medicine at the NUS, said few are willing to be cadavers in Singapore. Mr Tan said: "Most Chinese have this view that you have to be buried or cremated after you die. "My father had wanted to change this perception and encourage people to donate their bodies to NUS. This would help improve teaching of the next generation of doctors." He added that there are typically only six to eight such donations in a year for some 300 first-year students at NUS' medical school. - CNA/gn
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